How To Design A Garden – The Ultimate Online Garden Design Course!

 “Learn the 7 step formula I use to create stunning gardens – without needing to be able to visualise
or be a great artist.”
Rachel Mathews, Successful Garden Design

Most people make the mistake of focusing on plants and not enough on design – creating a great garden is all about shape and how different elements work together.

The Great Garden Formula is an online garden design course. It enables those of us that aren’t naturally gifted artists or good at visualising to be able to design easily.

The course is totally online so you don’t even need to leave your house to do it. It’s a mix of fully illustrated written materials in downloadable and printable PDFs along with video tutorials to guide you through everything you need to know in order to create a beautifully designed garden.

  • The course is suitable for both complete beginners and experienced gardeners.
  • In the course I will demonstrate how to design for any style and shape garden.
  • You don’t need any artistic ability whatsoever! Just follow the formula for your garden shape.
  • There’s no complicated design software to learn to use, just a simple step-by-step formula. The course can be completed, from the comfort of your own home, over a few weekends.
  • It’s also iPad and Android tablet compatible so you can learn anywhere, anytime!
  • All you’ll need is a pencil, some paper, a ruler and a tape measure to get going.
  • The course will save you a fortune on not buying the wrong things for your garden – plants really aren’t the answer. 

The course include both fully illustrated written guides and video tutorials to guide you through the entire process step-by-step. The course contents can be downloaded to a computer, iPad or Android tablet so you can learn at home or on the move.

Learn an Easy Method You Can Use to Create a Great Looking Garden

What makes a beautiful garden?
 Plants with their lovely flowers and luscious leaves would be most people’s first choice but…

Plants are not the answer! Plants aren’t enough to create a great garden. Plants are the finishing touch not the starting point…

Most people make the mistake of focusing on plants and not enough on design – creating a great garden is all about shape and how different elements work together. 

So If Plants Aren’t The Key To A Great Garden What Is?

In a word SHAPE. How you shape the elements in your garden like your patio, deck, lawn and planting borders are ESSENTIAL to creating a stunning garden. Unless you get the shapes right first, it doesn’t matter how nice your plants look, your garden will always look disjointed and will never look as good as you want it to.

Rachel1I’m Rachel Mathews and I’ve been an international garden designer for over 20 years. In that time, I’ve transformed every conceivable shape, style and size of garden from rolling acres to the tiniest of courtyards.

When I first learned garden design I found the process difficult. Despite the formal training, qualifications and all the books I read, there didn’t seem to be a simple formula to follow. So, after many years of struggling, I developed my own formula that allowed me to design any size, shape or style of garden, quickly and easily (shame they didn’t teach that at college, it would have saved me years of hard work!)…

What Shape Is Your Garden?

Every garden is different. Some are long and narrow, others are wide, small, large, square, the list goes on. This is what can make designing your garden difficult. Long, narrow gardens for instance need to be made to look wider and with points of interest throughout in order to look really good.

Over the years I discovered that each type of garden has a set of things that needs to be done in order to achieve a successful design. Certain design shapes are effective for different types of garden.

For example, in the garden plan featured below you’ll see the shapes used have made this small garden look much bigger. The trick is to use the right shapes for your garden and requirements.

I passionately believe that the ‘average’ garden can and should be so much more than average, which is why in 2009 I went on a teacher training course so that I could effectively teach my design formula to others.

The formula I’ve created makes it easy for anyone to transform any type of garden.

Learn an Easy Method Anyone Can Use to Create a Great Looking Garden

I’ve developed this course to enable even a complete beginner to design their garden successfully. So, if you’re looking to transform your garden, the Great Garden Formula will guide you through the process step-by-step. You’ll be able to… 

  • Transform your existing garden quickly and inexpensively using one simple design technique
  • Create a garden that suits your individual tastes and looks good with your house
  • Create a garden you can be really proud of
  • Create a place you can relax and enjoy with family and friends
  • Confidently know your ideas will work before the garden is built 

Spending More Money on ‘Stuff’ for Your Garden WON’T Get The Results You Want

If you think about how much you and people you know have spent buying plants, paving and other garden stuff over the years, how many have wonderful gardens?

Creating a great garden isn’t achieved by throwing money at it and hoping. If it was, everyone’s garden would be great. Plants alone won’t do it, no matter how pretty they are. See the example below:

The shape and way the materials work with one another is what has really made the big difference to the garden in the second picture; the plants are only the icing on the cake. If we’d just changed the plants and not adjusted the shape of the lawn and patio, the garden wouldn’t look much better than in the first picture. 

Have You Experienced Any of These?

  • Purchased lots of plants and features and your garden still doesn’t look the way you want?
  • Read garden books and magazines and still don’t really know what to do with your garden?
  • Tried re-shaping the borders and your garden still doesn’t look right? 
 If you have experienced any of the above, it’s really not your fault. A lot of books and magazines are designed to sell copies to look good on coffee tables. Some books are better than others at telling you what to do, but nearly all of them fail to tell you precisely ‘how’ to create a great garden.

The process involved is as important as the design principles. I designed my first garden (for my brave parents) before I went to design college, so I know just how frustrating it is trying to learn how to design from books.

But even college courses don’t really teach you everything you need to know to design in the real world. Perhaps they do if you are a naturally gifted designer, but I found it tough after I first qualified. Gardens come in all shapes and sizes and it took me a lot of figuring out until I found the best way to design them.

Over the years I’ve refined the things that work in the real world into The Great Garden Formula Course. The formula can be learned and applied over a few weekends to transform any garden, regardless of its shape, size or what is already there. I’ve done all the hard work of figuring the process out so you don’t have to.

How Easy Is It To Transform Your Garden Using The Formula?
 If you can draw simple shapes, like circles and squares, you can do this course. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t someone that can visualise – I’ve only been able to do that in the last few years. I will show you all the tricks I use to get over not being able to visualise, some of which are very simple but amazingly effective. 
How Does The Great Garden Formula Course Work?
To design a great garden you need to know the principles of design and how to put them together effectively. You also need to know how to use these principles with different sizes and shapes of garden. And you need to work with your existing garden whether you have a lot of existing plants and features or a blank canvas garden.

The Great Garden Formula Course is the system for bringing all of the design principles together in the right way. 

How The Great Garden Formula Course Will Help You

  • Immediately see why your garden doesn’t look as good as it should.
  • Show you step-by-step how to turn a garden that looks boring and dull into an exciting and beautiful garden.
  • Save yourself money by getting the right design for your garden without doing expensive ‘trial and error gardening’
  • Create a garden that you and your family can enjoy spending time in.
  • Increase the value of your property with a fantastic landscape.
What’s In The Course?

MODULE 1 – 7 Key Principles of Garden Design

In this first module we look at the foundation of creating a beautiful garden. The 7 most important design principles (one of which creates 60% of the results) – understanding these is the vital first step to your dream garden. You will learn how each principle works and how to use them in conjunction with one another, which is critical to successfully transforming any garden.



MODULE 2 – Useful Design Tricks

Once you know what the principles of garden design are, it’s now time to discover some niffty tricks professional designers use. Here’s where you’ll learn some simple but highly effective ‘Ninja’ tricks that help make professional designers look so talented!


MODULE 3 – How To Design Different Shaped Gardens

In this module you’ll learn how everything in the previous two modules applies to different size and shape gardens. Long narrow gardens, wide gardens, L-shaped, awkward shapes, large gardens, small gardens all have different requirements. By the end of this module, no matter what size or shape of garden you have, you’ll know how to use its shape to your advantage.


MODULE 4 – The Great Garden Formula

Here’s where you discover the formula that took me years to develop, which creates really successful results time and time again. It brings together all of the principles and design tricks in a way that will speed up your garden planning process and get you the results you want quickly and easily.


MODULE 5 – How To Unleash Your Creativity (Even If You Don’t Think You Have Any!)

Even if you don’t think you are a creative person, this guide will help you use your full potential. It can be easy to get creatively stuck when you first start. Over the years I’ve been stuck a lot (before I worked out the Great Garden Formula) and I have developed some very effective techniques that are guaranteed to free your creativity if you find yourself getting stuck.


ADDT’L BONUS – Cheat’s Guide to Sketching & Visualising

If, like me, you’re not a natural artist or have trouble visualising, The Cheat’s Guide To Sketching and Visualising will be a life saver! I’ll show you all the cheeky tricks I use to produce perspective sketches which help with visualising the way the finished garden will look. You’ll also learn some tricks that don’t even require you to sketch! Sketches are very valuable when presenting your ideas to other people and the landscaper (shockingly, not all landscapers are good at reading plans!). 


ADDT’L BONUS – Survey Your Garden Mini-Course

Before you start the design process it’s really important that you have an accurate scale plan to work from. A scale plan will enable you to know that your design will fit you garden and work as you expect. You’ll also be able to order the correct amount of materials to build the garden. Drawing a scale plan isn’t as difficult as it sounds. There’s a pdf guide to download along with 4 short video tutorials to guide you through the entire process step-by-step. There’s also a bonus video included that will show you how to make a simple drawing board. 

ADDT’L BONUS – 5 Minute Plant Expert Mini-Course

After the design process, the next step is choosing the right plants. The good news is you don’t need as much knowledge as you think to be able to choose the right plants for your garden. By knowing a few basic things to look out for, you’ll know exactly which plants to grow where.  Everyone will be impressed by your ‘Plant Whispering’ skills by the time you’ve read this. The knowledge contained is worth the price of the course alone with all the money you’ll save on not killing plants because they’ve been planted in the wrong place! 

You’ll Also Discover . . .

  • The key to creating a great garden – discover one simple thing you can do that creates 60% of the results. It’s very counterintuitive, which is why most people don’t think to do it.
  • Small gardens – discover how you can make a small space look double the size with clever use of design lines and shape.
  • Awkward shaped gardens – discover how you can easily disguise even the most awkward of angled boundaries and create a fantastic garden no matter what shape it is.
  • Changes in level – learn how to turn a sloping garden into a great garden. There’s a right way to tackle level changes and a wrong way, most people get it totally wrong because of one thing.
  • Working out what you want in your garden – there is one thing that is vital to know to create a garden you’ll love, it’s subtle and surprising but important to know, and it has nothing to do with what plants and features you like…
 Watch video below for a preview of the Great Garden Formula Design Course

Get Instant Access To The Full Course Now
You’ll get instant access to the full downloadable course including the bonuses so you can work through it in your own time at your own pace. The course isn’t padded out with things you don’t need to know just to fill a curriculum. This course is the fast-track method to learn everything you need to know about how to create a stunning garden design.

There is the convenience of studying at home any time that suits you. Traditional college courses often start at $1,000 and don’t cover a lot of the practical, real world design methods that I teach in the Great Garden Formula Course.

Here’s what’s included in the Great Garden Formula Online Garden Design Course

Great Garden Formula Customer Feedback


Great Gift for the Gardener in Your Life…

The course makes a wonderful gift. Instructions will be sent to you after purchase on how to transfer it over to the recipient and the course is then delivered digitally on the day you specify.

I don’t buy any courses I do online unless they come with a guarantee, so I don’t expect you to either. If for ANY reason you are not completely satisfied, I will completely refund you in full for the course. And you can keep the bonus downloads that come with the course which are worth the price of the course alone. 

Instant Access to the Full Course is just £297 GBP ($475 USD)

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Getting It Wrong Is Expensive And Time Consuming
You can spend a lot of money on your garden and still not have it look good, which is frustrating, not to mention a waste of time and money. So many people plough ahead with building their garden without properly planning it. Understanding how to use the design principles and in what order is the only way to successfully improve your garden without the expense of trial and error.

This one time investment will give you the skill and confidence to make your garden beautiful. It makes a big difference knowing something will work rather than hoping. And because the course covers how to tackle gardens of all shapes and sizes, you’ll be able to design all your future gardens when you move house. 

Is This Course Right For You?
If you want to know exactly how to create a great garden, using all the tricks the professionals do, the answer is yes. But, if you are just looking for a ready made garden plan, then this is not for you. Whilst the course contains plenty of plans and photographs that you can use to get ideas from, the course is designed to teach you everything I know about design so that you can design for yourself.

Please note the course’s main focus is on design not plants. There is a bonus guide on choosing the right plants. The course comes in an easy to download format.


  • How long does the course take? That’s really up to you, it’s instant access to all the course material so you can do it at a pace that suits you. If you want to do it quickly, the course could be done over a couple of weekends but I would suggest spreading it out over 3-4 weekends or longer.
  • How much money will I have to spend on my garden after the course to get it looking good? Well again, this is entirely up to you and will depend a lot on what you have there now. A big part of improving your garden is down to something that isn’t expensive (we cover what this is in the course), so no problem if you are working with a budget.
  • Do I need garden design software? No. You don’t need to learn any technically challenging software to be able to do this coure. You can of course use software if you prefer to draw with it. Pencil, paper and an eraser are all you need.

Great Value

If you were to hire me to come out and design your garden the cost would be over four times the cost of the course. So, it’s exceptional value because you will have a new skill that you can use every time you move house and have a new garden to develop.

There is no waiting to enrol, you have instant access to download the course in full, right from the get go. You can download onto your iPad or Android tablet as well as your computer.

There is no risk to you because of the money back guarantee. If this course isn’t for you for whatever reason you can have your money back. Simple. So try it today, now. Click on the big happy orange button below and you’ll get instant access to download the course material.

Instant Access to the Full Course is just £297 GBP ($475 USD)

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More Great Garden Formula Customer Feedback


Great Gift for the Gardener in Your Life…

The course makes a wonderful gift. Instructions will be sent to you after purchase on how to transfer it over to the recipient and the course is then delivered digitally on the day you specify.

  • P.S. Remember it’s risk free – you have nothing to lose, act now and go for this great price before it goes up. If you want the confidence and skill to tackle any shape or size of garden now and in the future, hit that big happy orange add to cart button now!
  • P.P.S. Don’t let another year pass you by looking at the same old garden. It isn’t going to magically design itself, you need to take action now.

Oh and one last thing – the amount you will save yourself on not buying the wrong things for your garden will easily pay for this course over and over again.

Instant Access to the Full Course is just £297 GBP ($475 USD)

Click here for 1 payment of £297 

Or if you prefer to pay in USD

Click Here for 1 payment of $475

 OR Multi-pay options available below:

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Or if you prefer to pay in USD

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